The H2020 EU projects PRIVACY&US, SPECIAL and PAPAYA invite contributions to an Open Day for Privacy, Usability, and Transparency (PUT 2019).

The Open Day will feature a mix of a discussion panel, lightning talks, and a poster and demo session which aims to attract young researchers, especially students, hackers, and activists interested in privacy, usable data protection, and transparency, including technical, societal, ethical and legal aspects around said topics.

Suggested topics:

  • What societal conventions are necessary to protect privacy and how can they be supported?
  • What should a ‘Magna Carta for Data’ look like
  • What are the economic incentives for privacy preserving tools and techniques?
  • What impact does privacy legislation have on existing systems and processes?
  • Tools for monitoring and enforcing privacy and data protection laws
  • Usable consent, transparency and control
  • Surveillance and tracking
  • Managing personal information disclosure
  • Techniques for anonymity, pseudonymity and unlinkability
  • Dealing with inference in private, sensitive or confidential data
  • Protecting against pattern/behaviour discovery and community mining
  • Protecting against identity theft and data falsification
  • Data processing control and transparency
  • Genomic privacy
  • Privacy by design
  • Privacy impact/compliance/risk assessments
  • Privacy preserving location based services
  • Privacy preserving data analytics
  • Algorithmic transparency & fairness

The day is co-located with the 19th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, July 15, 2019, at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

The deadline for submissions is June 10, 2019. For details, see the workshop page.


This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 731601

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